Motorcycle Accidents

There is no greater joy than hitting the open road on a motorcycle. Whether you ride a motorcycle, bike, motorbike, or chopper, motorcyclists all have one thing in common, they take a serious risk every time they are on the road. Motorcycles do not have enclosed protection, so the riders are far more likely to suffer serious or fatal injuries in accidents with cars or trucks. To make things worse, liability is often contested because many people have preconceived notion that motorcyclists are irresponsible thrill-seekers.

Florida law regarding motorcycle insurance is different from other states and different from its own requirement for other types of motor vehicles. Because of these differences, if you are injured in a motorcycle accident, your rights as an injured party are immediately at stake. Without the right attorney, you lose out on fair compensation and suffer unnecessary long-term injury.

At Riley Legal, P.A. we pride ourselves on our honesty, commitment, and empathy to our clients. While insurance companies try to settle or deny coverage after motorcycle accidents, we begin by preparing the cases for trial that will maximize recovery. Our proactive approach means less stress to you so that you can focus on recovery rather than uncertain future. We navigate through the law and communicate effectively to prove your damage and recover the compensation you are entitled to.

You Pay Nothing Unless We Win!

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